Tanya Núñez

Music video for fronteriza rapper, Nefftys. Shot in Nogales, Arizona.



A young undocumented single mother risks her freedom in order to support her young daughter.

dios nunca muere

2016 / short fiction

Nostalgia washes all corners of a small border-town as a young woman processes her grief through a storm. 


2020 / short fiction

This short documentary traces the city of Tucson’s long history of displacing long time residents for the sake of profits and “revitalization”.

Tucson Displacement: Urban Renewal of the 1960s to Today

2021 / short doc

“I am one with the desert.” – Trailz

familiar settings – trailz

2020 / Music video 

Memories are a thing of the past..until now.

Happy Place

2016 / short fiction

“Come. Bring your notebooks and words and let them glow like butterflies, and lead others out of darkness.” 

– Isaac Kirkman

The Reading Series

2019 / promo video