Tanya Núñez

"Los científicos dicen que estamos hechos de átomos, pero a mí un pajarito me contó que estamos hechos de historias"

—Eduardo Galeano

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Tanya Núñez is a Chicana filmmaker, human rights activist, and cultural worker based in Tucson, Arizona.

She’s from a small border town in the Southeast corner of Arizona. Her life experience growing up in the militarized U.S. – Mexico borderlands in a post-9/11 world has influenced much of her artistic and political work.  

With a BFA in Film & Television from the University of Arizona, she uses film, journalism, graphic design, music, and other forms of media to give voice to the voiceless and document resistance in the face of oppression.

She has been developing her work through short films and videos that focus on working-class and marginalized communities; exploring themes of immigration, women’s rights, anti-imperialism, generational trauma, and national liberation, and magical realism. 

She is currently working on a docuseries that explores the multicultural and contradicting perspectives of fronterizos— people who’ve grown up within border communities —and how the border wall shapes their everyday lives.